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In loving memory of his majesty the king of Thailand
Guinness at The Pub Chiang Mai
The Pub bar cafe restaurant Chiang Mai The Pub bar cafe restaurant Chiang Mai The Pub bar cafe restaurant Chiang Mai The Pub bar cafe restaurant Chiang Mai The Pub bar cafe restaurant Chiang Mai The Pub bar cafe restaurant Chiang Mai The Pub bar cafe restaurant Chiang Mai The Pub bar cafe restaurant Chiang Mai The Pub bar cafe restaurant Chiang Mai
Kilkenny Beer at The Pub Chiang Mai
  • The Pub Chiang Mai – Bar, Restaurant Café
  • The Pub Guesthouse Accommodation – Resort style bungalow rooms
  • Excellent Location on Huay Kaew Rd by Nimmanhaemin Rd
  • Opposite Maya Mall and adjacent to Eastin Hotel and Think Park
  • Cool Draught Beers – International and Thai Menus
  • Beer Garden, Coffee Shop and Sports Bar with Pool Table
  • Traditional Olde English Pub Bar and Modern Restaurant
  • Best Restaurant in Chiang Mai for British Pub Food
  • Available for special parties and events

October Newsletter

Greetings everyone.

Well all this hoo-har about price increases sort of fizzled out. We have kept our prices the same but as at going to press we don’t yet have the full amended price list from our supplier.

This month THE PUB will be 48 years old. Keep a look out on our web site, Facebook page and the notice board in the bar for special events and promotions.

During the late kings funeral expect places to be closed at some point.
We have not been given any official guide-lines as yet.

Although we still have a few people away, the Gentleman’s Club will be getting together at noon on Monday the 2nd. Val, Stu, Chris…expect to be talked about!!!

Monday Night Quiz is drawing in the crowds (ha ha). Dave and Barry still the top dogs but Dave and I gave them a run for the money a couple of weeks ago.

Once the rain has stopped is there any interest in starting up the weekly Bar-B-Q again. Ideas, comments and suggestions always welcome.

Now especially for some of our overseas readers….Frank, Pete And Bob

Heard around the table

I think I must be ill- I thought I saw a sausage fly past my window but actually it was a sea bird…….I’ve taken a tern for a wurst

I was so bad in my last job as a waiter I struggled to put food on the table

Pope confirms Roger Moore to be made Saint

U.K.’s oldest flasher decides to stick it out for another year

See you down THE PUB

September Newsletter

Greetings everyone.
Well, the big day this month is the 16th. This is the day the SUGAR TAX comes into force. Expect any product containing sugar to increase. WOW.

Gents we will be getting together on Monday the 4th at noon. One or two people are away but Stu is here so he will more than make up for the short fall.

Rich, we understand you are heading back this way loaded down with goodies around the middle of the month. In anticipation we are getting the Kilkenny back in and baking a few steak and mushroom pies.

Chess players have been a bit thin on the ground lately but still manage a couple of boards each Wednesday. Paddy where are you.

The Monday Night Quiz is attracting 6 or 7 teams each week. The old Snow Birds should be migrating back again this month or next month so that should help.

Sports fans, plenty to keep you entertained with the start of the NFL and the play offs in Baseball.

That is it for now……except heard around the table

Anti-Punctuation Society pulls out all the stops.

Navvy replaced by JCB says the age of shovelry is dead.

Korean assassin got the wrong’un.

See you down THE PUB

August Newsletter

Greetings everyone.

I am sure you will all want to join myself,staff and management on wishing Her Majesty the Queen a happy birthday for the 12th. As far as I know we are open as per norm.

Gentlemen, you will have to wait until the 7th before we have our get together. Should be a good one, all the usual suspects are in town and we may lower our standards so Simon can join us!!

Well done to Eric, Dave, Simon, The other Dave, Dennis and yet another Dave for winning the Monday Quiz over the past month. How are you doing Barry? Are you mobile? Do you have a quiz ready??

Sports fans as ever, well catered for with the start of the new English Premier League season (some of us will be looking at other leagues!!) and the big boxing match between Mayweather and McGregor. More details and times available in the bar.

That’s it for now. Happy holidays for anyone going off on a trip. Don’t forget to bring a stick of rock back.

Heard around the table.

There was a fella in the library last week handing out free A to Z’s. I told him no thanks as I only go from A to B.

I was on the laptop the other day when the missus came in and asked what I was doing. Looking for cheap flights I said. She runs over saying she wanted to help……I didn’t know she was interested in darts!!!

Claims that flat-pack houses will solve the housing crisis are a fabrication.

Cheers. See you down THE PUB

July Newsletter

Greetings everyone.

1st of July 1987 was when I came out here to work and live. I had a smile on my face, hope in my heart, a spring in my step, money in my pocket and lead in my pencil…..I know…..I know. Any way if you are passing by this Saturday call in and help me celebrate 30 years in Thailand

Gentlemen, we will be getting together on Monday the 3rd at noon. A few people are away but the ones that count are here. Paul, inform your driver you should be ready around 5 pm.

4th of July in the Americans big bash. We will have burgers and hot-dogs on the menu.

Saturday the 8th is Asarnha Bucha Day so we will be CLOSED the whole day.

The quiz is still every Monday though numbers have been a little down of late. Barry and Dave have not been winning as often as Barry is still house bound after his op. Hope you can hobble around soon, speedy recovery. The beers are nice and cold!!!

Sports fans. Lots of live action with Cricket, Tennis, Athletics, Rugby, Cycling, Formula 1, Golf and Boxing to mention but a few.

Heard around the table last month……

Extravagant claims for new diesel engine could be all torque.

Chuck Berry has no particular place to go.

Lighthouse staircase cancelled because of spiraling costs.

Lump of plasticene found outside of No 10…..police don’t know what to make of it.

With those thoughts I will take my leave and see you down THE PUB

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